Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Here is a picture of our camp site. We went to a place called Cedar Ridge Campgrounds. It is close to Red Bay, Alabama. We had a good time. We took the kids swimming down at the river. It was a little mucky but a nice way to cool off. It was a warm weekend. We definately had to layer on the bug spray. No one got a tick or many bites. Yeah. We had a lot of torches and mosquito coils burning. I'm pretty sure the smoke from the fire helped too. They are bulldozing around there to make way for cabins. They told us that they found some Indian arrow heads and an ax head in great shape. We looked around for a while but didn't have any luck finding any thing. We will go back. It was a great place and everyone was very friendly. And the firewood was free. Not many places give that away for free. We are checking into other places close by to go to also. I guess the camping bug bit us. I can say that we will be buying an air mattress before we go again. Sleeping on the ground is for the animals. LOL.

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