Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Monday....

I am feeling better. No more medicine head. I didn't get much sewing done in the last week. Just a couple blocks for swaps.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was spent school shopping. That is always so much fun. There were tons of people out shopping. I went to 5 different stores before I could find my oldest son any shorts. They have a dress code here. No shorts that have more than five pockets. No carpenter pants or cargo pants aloud. And they can only wear solid, striped, or plaid shirts. Nothing with any logos on it. The shirts were easy to find. But it was almost impossible to find shorts. All the stores had shorts but they had too many pockets. Very frusterating.

Sunday we went to church. Then I took the kids to the skating rink for a friends birthday party. They had a blast. Then back to church again.

I have a quilt I need to get started on. A tshirt quilt for a daughter of a lady I know. She has 30 gymnastics tshirts for me. I need to finish the quilt for my bed. All I have to do is sew the border on it and put all the layers together. I have 4 swaps to make blocks for. They are farely easy. Hopefully I can work on those tomorrow and get them in the mail this week.

I slipped and fell in some mud in the back yard earlier today. I was watering plants and went to shut the water off and slid in the mud. My feet went right out from underneath me. I scrapped up my left knee pretty good. Thank God I didn't break a leg or ankle. God was watching out for me.

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Shelina said...

We went back to school shoe shopping yesterday too. Looking for a pair of black flats. You would think this would be easy to find - but it is really difficult. We finally found a pair at one store, but it was the wrong size. They told me another one across town had the right size. We went there and they were cheaper at the second store, plus there was another style for $3. So for about $11, we got two pairs of black flats. Yeah!