Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall is here.....

Hey gang,
Wow it has been a long month. I have been with out a computer for about 5 days. We moved into our house this past weekend. And as careful as we tried to be when packing and labeling boxes we didn't label the box with all of the computer cables in it. It took a few days to find it. I was going through with drawls.
It was a long weekend. It took two days to get everything moved over to the new house. Now it seems like it will take forever to put things in their new homes. We love our new house. It is so much bigger. We love having another bathroom. It makes life so much easier.

Oh by the way happy belated Halloween. We had a good time. We had a few kids come while we were home. Josh was Spongebob this year.

Let's see.....oh yeah...I am Pregnant......We found out almost two weeks ago. So baby number 3 will make its entrance into our world at the end of May. We are very excited and shocked. We thought for sure that we were done with two boys. I am hoping for a girl. It would be nice but of course I will love it just as much if it is a boy. I know what to do with boys. Girls are new territory for me.

My uncle made it home safe and sound from Iraq. Yeah. Thank God for answering our prayers.

Say one more prayer for us. On October 7th my Uncle Vinny who lived in Charlotte, NC was killed at work. A disgruntled employee came in and shot the assistant manager and then my uncle. He died an hour later at the hospital. It is a huge shock. I went for the funeral and was amazed at how many people came from all over to pay their respects. My uncle was 36, married, and has left behind 3 young children. So just pray for Sally and the kids please.

God Bless all my online friends and family who take the time to read my blabbering.


Melzie said...

Condolences on your uncle, that is so tragic :( But HUGE congrats on your blessing on board! I'm excited for you :D How are you feeling? xoxo melzie

PS its good to hear from you ;) xoxo

Shelina said...

Wow, I've been really behind on reading posts. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Babies are so cute and adorable. I hope you bypass all the morning sickness and tiredness. Condolences to you and your family about your uncle. It would think that would be hard to go through something sudden and unexpected like that.