Monday, March 26, 2007

It's the end of March already.....

I can't believe the month has gone by so fast. Where does the time go. It is sad to say I haven't done much sewing. Work doesn't allow much time for that. I have a ton of projects just waiting for me. They are calling out to me. What am I to do. I think of ideas daily that I would like to do. There just isn't enough time for me. I am being pulled in too many directions.

One thing I do get to do is go to a writing class. Some other ladies and I all get together once or twice a month and write. We usually pick a topic out of a hat and write for 15 to 20 minutes about the subject. Then we take turns reading it out aloud. It is fun and nice to see what other people write. It is my intellectual stimulation for the month. LOL.

My male cat Dash got into a cat fight with a stray cat last week. We ended up having to take him to the vet. He had a big gash on his stomach that got infected. It was gross. He is okay now and itching to go outside. Poor thing.

Well I am off to do more house work. GOD BLESS

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Quilt Mommy said...

Hey you - glad to see you posting! :) I know how busy it gets with work and family. I'm fortunate enough to stay home right now, and still have a heck of a time trying to fit some quilting in. Your writing class sounds like a lot of fun though, I would love it if there were something like that out here. Well, I hope you find a moment for your sewing machine - and a moment to relax too! *Hugs*