Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ready to explode....

I am so full of excitement I am ready to explode. My hubby comes home tomorrow. He has been gone two weeks. We are sorely missing him. I can't wait to see the look on the kids faces when they see their daddy. Their expressions are always priceless. Our dog, Lady, will be very excited too. She loves Tim. I can't wait to see how she acts too.

My dad is doing better. He gets tired quickly now. He has to make some adjustments so he doesn't end up back in the hospital. He sounds really good and is actually trying to quit smoking. Thank God. I used to smoke so I know how hard it is to quit. I have actually quit twice in my life. This time hopefully for good. Every now and then I can smell cigarette smoke even when no one is around me smoking. It is my mind playing tricks on me.

I made 9 shoo fly blocks today. They turned out very pretty. I like those blocks. It is a great way to us a focus fabric and add some accent to it with out too much gaudiness. I think it is going to be a great block for making some baby quilts. I have a ton of UFO's And a list of future projects in mind. It is a never ending battle for me. My mind is way quicker than the hands.

There have been a lot of US soldiers dying over seas lately. It greatly saddens my heart. Especially for the families. All of people in the quilting world have been asking people to pray for them. My uncle is currently in the middle east and my husband is in the National Guard but hasn't been sent yet. I can't imagine the constant worry our fellow AMERICANS are going through. So please everyone remember to say a prayer for them Even if you don't believe in the war. They are their whether they want to be or not doing a fabulous job.


Please let the war in the middle east come to an end soon. Please protect our troops and all the innocent bystanders who don't have a choice but to be in the middle of it. Thank you lord for the many blessings that you have given us all, especially the freedom we have to worship however we want in America with minimal persecution. LORD Please bring our troops home soon. Their families and friends sorely miss them. Please be with the families who have lost loved ones. Help their hearts to heal. Please Lord forgive us for our sins and short comings.
In JESUS CHRISTS holy name we pray



Melzie said...

AMEN! Enjoy the reunion :) xoxo melzie

Quilt Mommy said...

I am so happy for you that your Husband is coming home. :)

Also, lots of prayers heading your way for your Uncle. God bless him - I am so thankful for he and the men and women who are doing what he is doing in the Middle East.

Good to hear your Dad is doing better also - good thing he quit smoking too! I also smoked for a few years when I was very young, but thank goodness I quit. Wish things like cigarettes didn't exist. Seems like it'd save a lot of people a lot of grief.

Take care, and HUGS to you too! :)