Monday, August 27, 2007

Updates and Quilts

This is the long awaited square in a square quilt I have been making for my sister in-law Mary and Greg. I love this pattern and the way the colors pop. Mary picked out the fabric. I hope they are happy with it. It is a king sized quilt. I started it about a year ago and then got a job so it got put off for a while. Now That I haven't been working I was able to finish it.

This is Rachel's quilt. The bottom picture is the one I gave her after she was born. Now she has out grown it. So Laura sent it to me and I took it apart and made it bigger. This was a big task. But I think it turned out well. Next time I will make a new one. I wasn't prepare for the task of taking apart a quilt. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The end result was well worth it. Hopefully this will last her a few more years and then I can make her a new one.

My hubby made it home from California ok. He has a great time. He brought home over 900 pictures to share. He took some awesome pictures. I wish I could of went.

Josh starts soccer practice today. He is four. This is his first sport. He is very excited. Tyler's first practice is Friday. So it hit me last night that the only evenings I will have time to sit back and relax are Tuesday and Saturday. Monday and Friday we have soccer practice. Wednesday and Sunday we have church. Thursday I have writing class. Whew. I think I'll manage though. I am going to take a few pictures tonight of soccer practice. Hopefully I can post them tomorrow.

Have a great day and GOD BLESS.

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