Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well hello again......

So how is life for everyone? Anything new an exciting going on? I can't believe it has been so long sense my last post.

I want to start off on a positive note. I am alive and have a wonderful family. God has truly blessed us. I can think of times when my back was turned away from God and wonder how I made it through those times. Temptation is right in our faces everyday. Everyday is a struggle to do the right thing and stay focused on the bigger picture. I just gave a friend some advice on her blog. God never gives us more than we can handle. I have to try to remind myself of this everyday. I have a good life. I wonder sometimes why I have been blessed so much. Do we deserve the blessings bestowed upon us. I pray that we never take our life for granite. Yet I also worry about it all being taken away from us in an instant. Okay so now I am starting to ramble.

My honey is in California right now on a business trip. He is so awesome at his job and eager to learn all the latest technology out there. He loves his job.

We can't wait for him to come home. He has been gone 4 days. The first few days were okay but now we are ready to have him back in our lives. One good thing is that I have been able to cook easy and fast meals with minimal clean up. LOL. I like to cook...I hate the clean up. Usually I have tons of dishes to do afterwards. Tyler is good for unloading the dishwasher. He hasn't quite learned Mommy's art of cramming as much in there as possible. It drives me a little crazy to think that more could of been put in there. Makes me feel like I am wasting water or something. I know I am crazy. LOL. I obsess over weird things.

Tyler is back to school. This is his Third week It seems to be going okay so far. Ok I do have a gripe about our school. Why do they think that people are loaded down with money. In the first three weeks we have been hit with paying for a gym uniform, a school shirt, magazine sales, and pictures. What is next? You think they would be smart enough to space it out. They would probably get more money that way. For one school shirt and a gym outfit (Which are requirements) it was $30.00. The school sent home the form for pictures yesterday. They are taking them today. And you have to pay up front before you even get to see a proof. I don't think so. The smallest package is $13.00 you get a 5x7 and some wallets. Whatever!!! I told Tyler I will take him and have his picture made. It is just ridiculous. Ok was I ranting and raving a little too much!!!!

My sewing machines are waiting to be repaired. Yes two. Neither one of them like me enough for me to fix them. I tried. I probably made them worse. I haven't sewed in a week until last night. I got out my antique machine. It was a gift from Judy(hubby's momma) years ago. I haven't used it sense I got a new machine 4 years ago. I crossed my fingers and gave her a try. She is sewing like I never quit using her. I was so excited. I am working on some Halloween quilt blocks for a swap. I have two quilts waiting for binding. A t-shirt quilt to make. A queen sized quilt for a dear friend. Her hubby made me a driftwood lamp. Also my best friend wants me to make a quilt for her mom using the grandkids clothes and fabric they pick out. My hubby wants one too. The list goes on and on.

My garden is ok. I had to take out some plants. It was over grown. I planted things too close together. Amateur error. This is my first try. I put some coffee grounds in there. Big mistake. I think hubby told me to do that. I had a ton of things start to dye because of it. Won't try that again.

Well God Bless you all. Until we meet again......Hugs and Kisses.( XOXOXOXO)

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