Sunday, July 02, 2006

Almost done with Quilt Top...

So this is what my latest project looks like on the bed. I haven't put the border on yet. I'm not sure if I like it all that much. Maybe it will grow on me. It will have to I guess. It will be on my bed. LOL.
I joined the Quilting Around the World Blog on msn. It is pretty cool. I found it through another quilter's site when I was looking at other people quilts today. I added my name to the 9 patch swap. I am very excited to do something like this. I haven't ever traded anything before. I am looking forward to receiving some blocks from other people. I told my husband I joined and he got on to me and told me I needed to hurry up and finish our quilt(pictured above) before I go making blocks to send to other people. Poor guy is tired of waiting. LOL.


quilt_mommy_2001 said...

Oh I can't wait to hear how your swapping goes! I just did my very first one, and am waiting anxiously for my blocks to come! :) Also, I love the flowery fabric in your quilt! Hubby's gotta be happy to finally have one of your beautiful creations to cuddle under! :)

computerpeach said...

I have been quilting for 6 years and have yet to make one for our bed. My hubby just grins and bears it.

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