Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fabric Arrived....Yeah....

I ordered some fabric from Saturday. It arrived today and I got a free fat quarter. The fat quarter is very pretty too. They also sent me the directions for two quilt patterns. One of them I might try. It looks very pretty. So I have to say that I will definitely order from then again. I order 1/2 yards of the 4 prints. They are all Marcus Brothers material. They are in the washer now. Can't wait to cut them up. LOL.
I was going to work on my quilt today but hubby came home from work sick this morning. He has a bad headache and is nauseous. So I am trying my best to keep the kids quiet and not use the sewing machine. I am working on my lilies instead. Hopefully I will get them done soon. It seems like they will take forever. I just don't have enough patience for embroidering. LOL.

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Shelina said...

Sunday you weren't feeling well, now your DH isn't feeling well. Hopefully the bug will leave your house soon.

It's always fun to get fabric in the mail isn't it. I don't generally buy fabric that way, since there is a quiltshop within walking distance, but when I do get fun stuff in the mail it is always so exciting. That fish fabric is so nice and colorful. I've been working with novelty prints lately so my eye is naturally drawn to them right now.