Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is what I worked on today. It is using the scrap pattern. Turned out pretty cool. My husband said it looks like the video game tetris. I love that game. I am going to finish it off with a solid red border. I am going to donate this one to Project Linus. So far I have three tops made to donate. I want to make a couple more. I was thinking a premie quilt and a baby quilt too. I have some patterns I would like to practice. We will see.
A lady by the MSN name Garden Gal sent me some beautiful batik material for me to use as the ocean in my fish blocks I am making for a swap. I couldn't find the right stuff here for the life of me. She came to my rescue and sent me a cool pin too. I am going to send her some fabric in return. I have meet some great ladies doing swaps. It is nice to meet people who have the same interest and don't get tired of talking about quilts. LOL.
Tonight was the last night of Vacation Bible school at church. It went very well. Everyone had a great time and I am exhausted. It is time to unwind. Have a nice evening.

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Shelina said...

You're right, it does look like tetris. I've spent many many hours a few years back playing this game. Now I am into sudoku and kakuro.