Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 5th of July...

Couldn't think of a great title this morning. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. Thank God we got some rain the last two days. If not the woods across the street from our house would of been ablaze. We shot off fireworks for an hour. Some of them went into the woods. Two trees caught the brunt of some of the fireworks and had some red embers still glowing on them. Tim and Greg went and shook the trees. It had rained earlier. So the moistier on the trees put out the embers. WHew. We got scared for a second. Thought we might hav to call 911 for a fire truck. Th kids had a good time. Josh doesn't like loud noises all that much. He had his ears covered the whole time. He kept wanting to go back in the house. We ate a huge meal too. It was so good.
Greg and Mary made a piniata that looked like a rocket. The kids had so much fun banging it around. Itwas solid as a rock. We all took turns hitting it. It took about 15 minutes before Tyler ripped a hole in it.
I joined a quilting group on msn and joined four swaps. I am so excited to start swaping quilt squares. Can't wait to see what I get. I already started sewing them yesterday. I got two of the four swaps done. The scrap swap and the nine patch swap.
I am waiting to find out who my partners will be for the other 2. I am 6 months behind on the block of the month club. So I am going to work on making the quilt squares I need for that. So when the end of the year comes I will have all the squares to make the quilt. It is in shades of purple. It will be pretty.

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quilt_mommy_2001 said...

I'm thinking about doing a block of the month deal at my quilt shop out here. I love sampler quilts! :)

Sounds like the kids had a great time! I actually spent the day cleaning...Kenz spent the night at her Nana's and got to do sparklers...but the fire works out here are on Saturday. Yay! :)