Monday, July 17, 2006

Running Around Like Chicken With My Head Cut Off...

Our vacation bible school started at church last night. It will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening too. We had a good turn out last night. I helped the teachers on the K-2nd grade class. We had a good time. The kids were full of questions. We had a good time making the crafts too.
Today I am helping out with food for the evening meal. I am bring two batches of brownies, one cake, a crock pot full of baked beans, and 6 packs of heat and serve rolls. I tend to always want to over extend my self. LOL. Wednesday evening I am bringing two batches of brownies, two bags of chips and a case of Coke. Wednesday is Pizza night. Not as much work involved sense we are getting the pizza's brought to us.
So I guess I might not have time for sewing today. I need to work on a quilt I started last year and was going to try to send to someone as a gift. It involves hand embroidering the applique. I also have two swaps to work on. One of my online swapping buddies is going to swap out some material with me. I need a certain color Batik and couldn't find it here. So God Bless her she is a life savor. She is mailing it to me today.
My house smells like brownies. Yummy. Oh the timer is going off on the brownies...Yep they are done. Well gotta run and make a cake...Hope everyone is having a great day. God Bless.

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Shelina said...

Just take one day at a time. This is not a race. The quilts will wait.