Monday, July 10, 2006

Deformed Fish...Ugh

So here is a picture of my deformed fish. He has a birth defect. His bottom fins are going the wrong way. LOL. :( I decided not to rip it apart. It will be much easier to start over from scratch. That will have to wait for another day. I'm definately not in the mood to start again today. My kids like the fish so I will make them something with them. There are 6 total.
I finshed my partner swap block and got it in the mail today. I forgot to take a picture of it. I used the scrap zig zag pattern from quilter's cache. It turned out very pretty. That pattern is very easy to do. One of the easiest I have done yet.
My sinuses are still bothering me a little. I thought I was going to wake up with a full blown summer cold this morning. So far just a sore throat and my ears are a little itchy. Of course with sinus pressure too. Yuck. It needs to rain again. Well off to check things out on the internet.


quilt_mommy_2001 said...

Oh how cute! Even deformed I like it! That would be so fun to play with and make a fishy themed quilt out of! :) Good job! :)

Shelina said...

I like it, and probably only you would notice that it is deformed. It's a design choice. He is swimming really fast! Pretty colors. I would use it if I were you.

fabricmom said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. I made it for a swap. I am still gonna use it for the kids. My husband likes them too. I bought some fish print fabric to use as coordinating blocks. I still have to remake the others to swap. Don't want to get in trouble for sending in deformed fish. LOL.